Netflix Exclusive Emulates Tik Tok By Launching New Feature

Netflix is ​​constantly offering new features to unify a growing audience. Faced with giants like Tik Tok, which continue to attract new users, Netflix and its rivals have had to pick up rapidly. To anticipate competing with Chinese applications, the streaming platform is rolling out a new feature, directly inspired by Tik Tok.

Increasingly popular short format

Instagram launched into a short-form video with its “reels” feature, and then Snapchat did the same with Spotlight, it’s Netflix’s turn to try its luck in the arena. The goal: to scour the maximum number of users of social networks to encourage them to spend more time on the VOD platform.

Offers extracts from the “Pour Rare” catalog

To do this, Netflix is ​​launching “Poor Rear”. This new feature, available exclusively on mobile, provides short video clips of films or series from its list. This will be accessible through the lower navigation menu of the application.

With this function, it will also be possible to record and share funny scenes via WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Everything is intended to be intuitive as it would be possible to access it and transfer it from video to video with the simple swipe of a finger. As Tik Tok, these will automatically follow each other.

An unprecedented performance for VOD service

In addition to trying to compete with social networks that are prominent in the application markets, “Pour Rare” is a showcase of choice for Netflix’s list that does not fail to boast about it on its website:

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“Poor Rear” includes a stream of fun music videos from our extensive catalog, including films like Murder Mystery, such as Big Mouth, sitcoms such as The Crew, and stand-ups from comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Wong.

Additionally, if the excerpt is of your choice and you want to search for the work from which it comes, then it will be possible to add it to your list or see it immediately.

For now, “Poor Rare” is only available on iOS in some countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. However, the California platform specifies that the functionality will soon be tested on Android. No date has been announced specifically for France.

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