Netflix and tourism agency partner to promote holidays in Italy

A study by ENIT and Netflix confirms the impact of audiovisual content made in Italy About tourism in Belpaese, but also about building a deeper connection with the country.

Holiday in Italy? Inspiration also comes from films and series made in Italy. Journey to Lombardy in the Footsteps of Timothée Chalamet (call me by your name), discover Liguria luke (Pixar film), Find vampires in the medieval villages of Tuscany (dusk)… Italian sets offer a dream setting for cinema, which in turn magnifies them, thus prompting the audience to immerse themselves in them in turn. A study conducted by Enit, the Italian tourism agency and Netflix, confirms tourist, but also cultural, Italian audiovisual attractions. In six countries – Brazil, France, India, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom – approximately 13,500 people were interviewed on 20 titles, such as Scam, baby, summertime, call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino, The Big Belleza And hand of godor even a great series of curonReleased on Netflix in 2020 and takes you to the Trentino area.

The result: a vision of film and TV series taking place in Italy, beyond tourist attractions.” also inspires a deeper connection with the Belpaese”,

People who confirm viewing Italian content are almost twice as likely to choose Italy as their first desired destination on their trips, as far as learning Italian.
According to the study, his interest is mainly in the culture of Belpez (+27%) and its history (+26%), but also in its literature (+25%) and its gastronomy (+21%).
On the strength of this observation, Enit and Netflix have signed an agreement to strengthen their partnership to promote the filming of films and series in Italy, by promoting tourism there, but going beyond the clichés. Italian identity to be disclosed.

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