Netflix and Spotify unite to better take on Apple

For more than a year now, Apple has decided to broadcast some of its series by streaming dedicated podcasts. This bridge between its shows and Apple TV content has already been built for original creations such as dickinson, the morning show, you repeat to all mankind.

Netflix subscribers want to enrich their streaming experience on Spotify

Spotify and Netflix have just announced a partnership that matches a similar strategy. Thus this agreement gives them a ” A more complete audio streaming experience Spotify explains the platform. In a blog post, the Swedish giant specifies:

Today’s podcasts and trending movies not only inspire fandom, but they also fuel internet obsession. Two weeks after the Squid game launched on Netflix, Spotify listeners have created more than 22,500 unique themed playlists to continue the experience. It’s clear that after the credits roll, viewers want even more — and they flock to Spotify to hear it.

Note that this Netflix hub is currently available for free and premium subscribers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and India. It seems that the French public is also able to use it, even if the programs have not been translated.

At the content level, we get official playlists of some of the major titles like strange things, on my block, As well as squid game, Podcasts already exist from streaming platforms like ok now listen, where netflix is ​​a daily joke, are also in the game, as well as a quiz dedicated to the Spanish series the money heist, We can easily imagine that the sets will expand as planned for various releases on Netflix.

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