Nearly 250 million COVID infections

The novel coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 5,042,330 people worldwide since the WHO office in China reported the onset of the disease in late December 2019, according to a report set up by AFP at 11am GMT on Sunday from official sources. has taken.

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More than 249,431,180 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed since the start of the pandemic. Most patients recover, but the still poorly evaluated portion persists with symptoms for weeks or months.

The figures are based on daily reports sent out by health officials in each country. They exclude modifications made by some statistical organizations, which end up with very high numbers of deaths.

The WHO estimates that the consequences of the pandemic could be two to three times higher than officially recorded, taking into account the additional mortality rates directly and indirectly linked to COVID-19. Despite the intensification of screening in many countries, a significant proportion of less severe or asymptomatic cases also remain undetected.

On Saturday, 6,306 new deaths and 411,296 new cases were registered worldwide. The countries that recorded the most new deaths in their latest reports are Russia with 1,179 new deaths, India (506) and Ukraine (449).

The United States is the worst-hit country in terms of both deaths and cases, with 754,279 deaths among 46,461,779 cases, according to a Johns Hopkins University count.

After the United States, the most affected countries are 609,388 deaths and 21,874,324 cases, India 460,791 deaths (34,355,536 cases), Mexico 289,674 deaths (3,825,404 cases) and Russia 246,814 deaths (8,795,095 cases).

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Among the hardest-hit countries, Peru is the country with the most deaths relative to its population, with 608 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Bulgaria (359), Bosnia (357), Macedonia North (346), Montenegro (342) is the location of. and Hungary (323).

Latin America and the Caribbean reported a total of 46,084,819 cases at 11am GMT at 11am GMT, 1,525,388 deaths, Europe 1,424,434 deaths (76,202,176 cases), Asia 876,875 deaths (56,130,911 cases), the United and Canada 783,411 deaths (48,189,463 cases), Africa There were 219,336 deaths (8,531,436 cases). cases), 209,980 deaths in the Middle East (14,024,411 cases), and 2,906 deaths (267,951 cases) in Oceania.

The assessment was carried out by AFP offices using data collected from competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to corrections made by the authorities or late publication of data, the 24-hour growth figures may not be in line with the figures published exactly a day ago.

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