Neanderthal communicated in the same way that we do

Neanderthals are long-divided paleoanthropologists in cognitive abilities, with some arguing that only Homo sapiens, our species, developed the ability to design symbols and communicate by merging them equivalently with words.

The team of anthropologists led by Professor Mercedes Conade-Valverde, experts in biogeography at the Spanish University of Alcalá, recall that archeology is still over-documenting “Complex Behavior in Neanderthal”. We know today that, like Homo sapiens, this human line, whose last representative disappeared almost 40,000 years ago, knew how to bury its dead, but also embellished corpses or built sophisticated instruments. Go

Bruno Maurel notes as a French paleoanthropologist, Our ancestors shared “With other human lineages – different from us by their morphology (like Neanderthals) – the same capacity to produce and share symbolic activities”.

“A complex communication system”

The simple fact of production tools includes cognitive ability, “Which translates to an artistic language at least similar, very close to us”, according to him.

To determine whether Neanderthals can use a language, it is necessary to establish whether it can symbolize concepts, and if, according to the authors of the study, the physicality of producing and experiencing a language for them Published in it if there is potential Nature Ecology and Development.

To do this, they virtually rebuilt the outer and middle auditory canals of five specimens of Neanderthal species that lived in the period from 130,000 to about 45,000 years ago. He then derived the ability to capture sounds and specifically to measure their frequency range, that is to say their range. gold, “The larger it is, the more it allows the use of different sounds, and the more effective the communication”, Conday-Valverde Proc.

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He then compared these values ​​to two groups of individuals. Modern humans and early Neanderthal ancestors, many of whom have been found in Sima de los Housos, “Bone injury”, Located and dated in northern Spain 430,000 years ago.

This is their conclusion Neanderthal shared listening abilities as Homo sapiens. She said that if Neanderthal’s ears had evolved to grow them, it was because he knew how to breed them. And concludes the existence of a “Complex and efficient voice communication system in the form of human language”.

Pro. According to Condé-Valverde, it “Was able to transmit verbal information quickly and with very low error rates”. She thinks the same “If you hear two Neanderthal men speaking behind the curtain, without looking at them, you will think that you are speaking in a foreign language with people from another country.”

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