NBA 2K21 ad

If it is not EA, it causes controversy by applying relentless ads to load the screen after the launch of Publisher 2K. The PlayStation 4 title NBA 2 now supports game ads before you hit the court due to the increased load of games on the 21 players, crowds and arenas. Tweet below, You will see how Oculus Quest 2 PS4 users were advertised before a two-pointer dunk. A quick clip-on of an actor wearing a headset appears on screen before the price of 29 9,299

That was the problem facing NBA 2K20 last year and it looks like it came back once again this year. Of course, the ad doesn’t break the gameplay and, if anything, adds to the reality of 2K’s goal of creating a real-life basketball match on your tele. However, no one really enjoys advertising after buying 70 games, right? Who knows if this strategy will carry the PlayStation 5 version as well, if you choose the version with the free Next-Gen upgrade, it will cost more.

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