Naturgy CEO buried Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project

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Spain is going through an energy crisis and has to find short-term and long-term solutions to ensure gas availability. To this end, the first manager of the Spanish gas distribution company, Francisco Rennes, Naturgi, considered it important to maintain a “privileged relationship” with the Algerian party, which demonstrated its “credibility” by respecting the contents of the signed supply contracts. Country.

“The most important thing is to secure long-term supply contracts”

Returning to the possibility of building a gas pipeline connecting Nigeria to Spain via Morocco, the first manager of the head of Naturgy was skeptical and did not believe in the project, which not only required a cost of close to $ 30 billion , but also a space-time. At least 20 years to complete the project, and without mentioning the technical problems that arise.

“To think in the short term that interconnection will solve a significant part of our problem is not very realistic. Then there are the technical problems, the ability to deal with these huge jobs”, before continuing he says: “I am the President of Nigeria. was visiting Spain, and I asked him questions about his two big plans for shipping Nigerian gas and bringing it to Europe. One, on the surface, to 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. and that goes to Morocco, and from there, it will connect to Spain. It is more than 2,000 kilometers long, crossing countries with serious political problems, terrorism…

The second is a 5,800-km marine gas pipeline. He talked to me about an investment of 30 billion euros… These are long-term projects, at least 20 years. As a result, Spain has two short-term solutions, according to Naturgi Francisco Reyes managing director: “We have some advantages in Spain. One is significant regasification potential, the other a privileged link with Algeria. Most importantly long-term supply. The contracts have to be secured.”

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Abdullah A.

Algeria today, 05/06/2022

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