Nationalist uproar disrupts peace in Kosovo monastery

Local Mayor Bashkim Ramosaj, Mr. Hardinaz’s aide, opposed the 2016 decision by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, opposing the return of the land claimed by Father Sava. The mayor, who declined to be interviewed, told local media that he would rather go to jail than surrender and surrender.

The land, 60 acres of farmland and wood outside the walls of the monastery, belonged to the church until 1946, when it was annexed by the Yugoslav socialist government.

In the 1990s, the remnants of the collapse of the Yugoslav state brought back the land following the rise of the power of Slobodan Milosevich, an atheist communist official who replaced the hero of Serbian nationalism and the Serbian Orthodon Church.

The abbot said that while Albanians who took refuge in the monastery during the war quietly supported the monks, their political leaders often viewed the land struggle as “the continuation of their war against Serbia, such as we the agent of Milosenik Were, and we are. Not. “

He said the court stayed the monastery’s claim to the land, saying “it was not Milosevic’s decision, but the decision of the Supreme Court in Kosovo.”

The slowdown in the implementation of the court’s decision angered the United States, which in 1999 sent fighter jets to attack Milosevic’s army in Kosovo and broke its grip on the region.

The American ambassador, Kasant, talked about the issue of the monastery on his land. The final statement said, “It is not a question of race, politics or religion. It is about property rights and respect for the law. “

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