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Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on December 22, 1887 in Erode. Educated at Kumbakonam High School with financial support. At the same time, he surprised the teachers by remembering many sutras.

Thus, many people considered him a mathematical genius. He continued his education at Chennai Pachanayappa College, Kumbakonam Government College. He was number one in accounting. After graduation he wrote and combined over 3,000 mathematical theorems. Every day he wrote his math notes and formulas on paper. It later became the famous book “Ramanujan Mathematics”.

Married in 1909. Ramanujan started working on the instructions of his wife Janaki. He received a call from the University of Cambridge for mathematical work while working. Ramanujan went there and did research at Trinidad College with a scholarship.

At that time he wrote 32 research papers in 3 years and made Tamil Nadu a world leader. Life in England was not favorable to him for some reason. He returned to India in 1917 due to ill health and disappeared in 1920.

Despite embracing death at the age of 33, his reputation is world famous. In 2012, the government declared Ramanuja’s 125th birthday as National Mathematics Year and on 22 December, his birthday as National Mathematics Day. Since then, Mathematics Day is celebrated every 22 December.

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