Natalie Portman is more badass than ever in new images from Thor: Love and Thunder

With Natalie Portman dominating Chris Hemsworth, the new Thor could be a huge boost to the Viking God franchise.

Thor: Love and Thunder Won’t release until July 13th, yes we know the wait is long, but the first trailer for the sequel to our favorite Viking god adventures portrays the best. Judge instead:

Luckily, it’s still Taika Waititi who’s in charge, With the sense of humor and rhythm that we know him. Later Thor: RagnarokThor will again have to face a great villain, this time the god Gor, whose sole goal is the destruction of all divine people. Rather creepy enemies, camped By a Christian Bale who reaffirms his passion for his complete transformations.

christian bale thor love and thunder

Natalie Portman becomes Thor and that’s good news

But the real cool surprise in this trailer are the first images of Natalie Portman finally holding Mjolnir, all dressed in her red hat and her winged helmet.

If like me you’re tired of seeing her confined to the role of a damsel in distress, surely the genius scientist, in the first parts of Wise Thor, rejoice! It should come as no surprise, we knew the actress was going to play Thor, as it was announced three years ago.

And let’s rejoice even more to find the indescribable Valkyrie, who’s still camped out by Tessa Thompson, and who won’t lose a beat to see this good old Chris Hemsworth upset over the return of his ex, be even more powerful,

See you in theaters July 13!

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