NASA will study the effects of ‘space weather’ on the sun

NAsa is to fund the study of concepts on the proposals of five missions that aim to study the dynamic nature of the sun and the changing space environment around the earth.

This kind of information will help to understand how “space weather” affects satellites in orbit, providing navigation and communication; Technologies on earth, such as power plants; And the health of astronauts on interplanetary travel.

The five proposals are: to study the storms, which flow energy through and through space near the earth; Heliosworm, which will study the flow of particles from the sun on different scales of different kinds; Music, which will observe events in the Sun’s atmosphere with unprecedented accuracy; Arcs, which will study in detail how the aurora has been sparked by space weather; And Solaris which will bring back images of the Sun’s unseen polar regions.

Five proposals have been chosen because each mission will bring back valuable science and make it possible to launch and launch them using current technology.

Each of the studies cost 25 1.25m (1m) and will run simultaneously, lasting nine months. At the end of this time, NASA will evaluate the studies and then select two proposals to move forward with the launch.

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