NASA strongly released video of landing

On Monday, the US Space Agency released a colorful video of the landing of its rover “Persisse” on the Red Planet, the first of its kind.

Mission teams at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California recovered 30 gigabytes and more than 23,000 images of the vehicle landing on the surface. The video is one of 4,500 images that NASA plans to release on Monday.

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Last week, “Perseverance” entered the Mars atmosphere with protective envelopes and a descent phase called “Skycranes”, which ignited rocket thrusters to slow their descent near the surface. The beam depicted four cameras to capture the landing sequence: one attached to the protective cover on its top, one on the descent stage, and two on either side of the rover. Together they captured incredible views of the spacecraft’s descent, and a microphone onboard tenacity also voiced once the rover was on the surface.

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The arrival of data began last Thursday and Friday via NASA’s Deep Space Network, as the team studied data on the health status of the spacecraft. As a reminder, Perseverance is NASA’s fifth vehicle to have successfully traveled without a hitch. Nevertheless, evidence of past life on the Red Planet is the first to post the purpose of finding, in the coming years.

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