NASA says the 37-meter-long asteroid will make a ‘near-Earth approach’ today

NASA says the 37-meter-long asteroid will make a 'near-Earth approach' today

The 37-meter-long asteroid will make a ‘near-Earth approach’ today (September 8), NASA has confirmed.

The Neo (near-Earth object), known as the 2020 PT4, will move only a million miles away from Earth and the Moon – which must be considered ‘near’ in terms of space.

Approximately the length of the two lorries, Space Rock will hit at a speed of about seven million miles per second.

The asteroid is doing a ‘near-Earth approach’. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

At the moment, you may be a little worried about the possibility of NASA getting its calculations about ten million miles away, sending the Earth into a collision with a double-decker lorry traveling seven million miles per second at

However, NASA has assured us that if the 2020 PT4 ever collides with the Earth, its relatively small size (in terms of space) will probably mean it will be detached from the atmosphere, resulting in minimal damage to our planet.

The asteroid, called 2020 QGFlew into it About 2,950 kilometers (1,830 miles) from Earth – very close to the asteroid.

Indeed, according to asteroid trackers and compiled by a catalog Sormano Italian astronomical observer, this is the closest recorded.

There are many more like this

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The Paloma Observatory in California was unable to detect the size of the spacecraft for about six hours after it passed Earth.

Paul Fucking, Director of the NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies, Dr. Business Insider: “The asteroid cannot be detected by the Sun.

“We didn’t see it coming.”

Confirming The asteroid flew so close to Earth It is Breaking the record, he added: “Closer to yesterday’s nearest method record, if you get a few known asteroid discounts that actually affect our planet

While introverted asteroids may make us feel a little anxious, NASA says the choices of 2020 PT4 and 2020QG provide invaluable insights into our solar system.

It said: “NEO (near-Earth objects) are comets and asteroids that are orbited by the gravitational pull of nearby planets that allow them to enter the Earth’s orbit.

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“Scientific interest in comets and astronomy is considerable in their status as the remains of relatively unchanged remnants from the process of formation of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago.”

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