NASA incites excitement and fear through cryptic tweets

NASA has raised tensions and fears with a cryptic tweet posted on its account.

“PSST … ah, has anyone heard … that?” It, he wrote, aroused speculation and anxiety among its millions of followers.

Later, it will be raised that the account is simply promoting a new SoundCloud playlist of “corrupt sounds from the solar system.”

But before that mystery was unveiled, the unusual post sparked speculation among followers that the space agency was announcing significant news – and commented that in 2020 it probably meant something negative.

But it caused a stir in other posts from related and official NASA accounts.

The NASA Earth account wrote, “Hmm, from that house we’ve only heard lots of creeks and distant cracks.

“Does it feel like a galaxy, planetary? If it’s loud and fidgety, we blame Jupiter … “NASA’s Solar System account has been posted.

The account for Mars Insight Lander wrote, “It seemed a bit bizarre and like the rest of the world … unlike what I’ve ever heard …”

“According to my data and calculations, I can actually hear the sound,” read a post from the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

“You’ve heard the sounds of creeks, cracks and cracking in our universe before. Using data from our spacecraft, our scientists collected new fragile sounds from the depths of time space for Halloween, ”a description read on page.

“Listen to our playlist full of new” moans “and” shisphis “from our universe that will scare the most spooky of animals.”

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