NASA has “growing excitement” with a list of the first objects to be seen by its new space telescope

The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope has been announced for this fall. After all! Preparations are in full swing. Project managers have announced a list of only 286 projects for which they wanted to allocate time during the first year of observation of the equipment.

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[EN VIDÉO] JWST: The first mirror hoist in the world’s largest sanitation room
Welcome to the world’s largest clean room, the largest manufacturing space space telescope: JWST, considered the successor of the venerable Hubble. In this time-lapse video, we first pick up, in 2016, one of its primary mirrors, 6.5 meters in diameter, made of 18 hexagonal sections made of beryllium and coated with gold. Its assembled surface is seven times larger than Hubble. The satellite launch is scheduled for October 2018 and the first observation xis months later. It will be the culmination of a project that began in the late 1990s.

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Long-awaited launch of Tilescope Spatial James Webb It is now scheduled for October 31, 2021. And the addition of the final technical adjustment NASAThe mission is moving forward. Those in charge have selected only those programs that can be done during the first year of observation of the telescope.

Remember that great Mirror Of tleslesope endemic James Webb will overseeUniverse in Infrared domain – Near Medium -, all with high resolution imaging and spectroscopy capabilities. What hope is there to discover entire sections of the Universe which were inaccessible to us till then. “We open the treasury and guarantee surprises”, John C. Mather, senior scientist for the project Goddard Space Flight Center, in one NASA press release.

A rigorous and promising selection

Observation time with the James Webb Space Telescope is extremely valuable, the selection process accelerated and was carried out by around 200 members of the international community. Astronomers Over 1,000 voluntarily anonymous projects for several weeks. Eventually, 286 offers Are selected (try typing them). They aim to find First galaxiesTo study the formation of Stars Or to measure properties Body And the chemistry of the planetary system, including our own.

“We look forward to beautiful picture And The spectra And will make amazing discoveries in this first year of Webb’s philosophy “, Gunther Hussinger, director of science at the European Space Agency (That), Partner on NASA’s project. “Enthusiasm builds. These goals are long-awaited observations that promise to broaden our vision of the universe and our place in it ”, For her part, underlined Sarah Gallagher, Scientific Advisor to the PresidentCanadian Space AgencyJames Webb is the second partner of the Space Telescope Project.

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