NASA chooses the first woman to start human space flight program

NASA chooses the first woman to start human space flight program

On Friday, the National Aviation and Space Administration announced that Kathy Lueds will be the first female director of NASA’s human spaceflight.

Leuders has been able to launch the first NASA-contracted astronaut launch from the US since Space Shuttle’s discontinuation in 2011.

President Trump attended the SpaceX launch last month in Florida and successfully sent two astronauts into orbit.

Under the Trump administration’s ambitious field policy, the agency prepares to bring people back to the moon in 2024, while the ambiguous NASA mission will now gain importance.

NASA has already announced that a woman plans to walk on the moon when people make their first landings since 1972.

Director Jim Bridenstine announced Leuder’s promotion on Twitter.

Kathy Lueders elected to lead @NAS toHuman Discovery and Operations Mission Directorate. Kathy successfully managed both the Commercial Team and the Commercial Cargo programs and is the right person to lead HEO as she prepares to send the astronaut to the Moon in 2024 ” He wrote.

The first daughter and White House counselor Ivanka Trump tweeted her congratulations. “History: NASA chooses the first woman to go human space flight ” he tweeted with a spacecraft emoji.

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