Naoki Yoshida talks new infrastructure coming to Final Fantasy XIV

And the game is back on sale

This might not have escaped your notice, but the latest expansion of FINAL FANTASY XIV It was a rather turbulent launch. hope raised by endwalker The surprise generated an influx of gamers, forcing Square Enix among others – then under pandemic-imposed limits – to suspend sales of the game. A little over a month later, things calmed down a bit, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida Comes in the news and even announces about infrastructure improvements Onward to our friends in Oceania.

to start, The game’s download sales will start on January 25, From this date new players will be able to venture into Aerogia. a decision primarily motivated by Opening of Data Center for Oceania On the same date, two weeks earlier than initially planned. With 5 worlds from the beginning, Ocean Center will allow players to significantly increase the number of players and further stabilize the queues.

However, keep in mind that if the server congestion picks up again, the sales can be suspended again, In addition, the team intends to monitor the stability of the servers for some time to come. Before re-opening access to the free trial.

For other regions of the world, these will experience a significant expansion of their reception Which will certainly require more or less time; The faults that we are facing time and again with the lack of components.

Also, Japan will be assigned An additional data center by July, to better deliver to the already existing world. For its part, North America expects to expand in two phases: Adding a data center and 4 new worlds around August 2022, before adding 4 additional worlds in spring 2023.

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Finally, Europe is also building out its infrastructure expansion in two phases. So during the month of July, each data center must accommodate 2 more worlds. Then in the second phase, scheduled for the summer of 2023, it’s a New data center with 8 worlds who will come to the fore.

i.e. Yoshi-Pi is already reporting even more significant improvements, in terms of Next extension.

Yoshida concludes by apologizing for all the unfortunate delays just before mentioning future announcements for next update ,

Once again, I apologize for the delay in setting up our data centers and for the disruption and inconvenience caused to the community. Know that we will continue to make every effort in the development of FFXIV to create an environment where everyone can benefit from the best possible playing conditions. […] We will work in parallel not only on job balancing, but also on new features, the development of the 6.x update, as well as the next 7.0 expansion. We’ll be making some announcements on these topics by the end of February, so be there for the next LIVE producer letters!

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