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“La Note di Sibilla” award: Nancy Dell’Olio among six winners © Checo di Tulio

December 5 at 6.30 pm in the prestigious hall of Civic Art Gallery “Paolo Finoglio” Conversano. of Aragonese Castle, the award was held “Night of the Sybil” Gala Evening, Organized by Isa Poli I Gianni Scatone NS 4 season events During this, awards were given to those personalities who have distinguished themselves with their commitment to the development of the region.

The prize, born in 2018, seeks to celebrate Sibylla d’Altavilla, one of Conversano’s most representative historical figures, daughter of Goffredo d’Altavilla and wife of Roberto II Duke of Normandy, a woman of exceptional beauty, who is already 1.080 I am the promoter of women. Liberation The six winners of this third edition were selected by a qualified jury based on the distinctive social, ethical, cultural and artistic characteristics that give our region a reputation: Bruno Vespa (has decided to invest in the tourism sector in Puglia), fabio salvatore (Chairman of Magna Graecia Awards), Nancy Dell’Olio (Puglia’s ambassador to the world), mateo portosa (CEO Sital), Michelle Bocardi (President Asoeventi), Mingo De Pascale (Actor, star of a short film on autism). Guest of Honor of the Evening Famous International Actress Jane Alexander, the hero of successful films and fiction. During the evening there were moments dedicated to entertainment and high fashion. The creations of the stylists on the catwalk who have made Made in Italy history, such as fashion designers Gianni Molaro Rai program guest artist no sooner said than done , Apulian stylist Antonio Monopoli, LA Jewels Designer Rosa Ladisa With her latest creations and innovative handcrafted collection of bags stefania strippoli, The prize, given to six chosen personalities, was created by a master ceramist and represents the Aragonese Castle of Conversano. Tg Norba in the evening. was submitted by the journalist of Daniela Mazaken.

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Biography of Nancy Dell’Olio. He was born in New York to Bissegli parents and was reunited with his beloved Bissegli at the age of five. He remains in Italy to continue his studies, obtaining a degree in law at the University of Bari with full marks and academic appreciation, along with a thesis on comparative private law. He later brilliantly passed the state examination for the practice of the legal profession at the Court of Appeal of Rome, starting his legal career at prestigious law firms in Rome, Milan and New York (the offices of Carnelutti, Graziadei and Lupoi). He continued his legal training in the United States, pursuing his postgraduate second degree, specializing in International Law (Public Affairs) at Columbia University and, later, obtaining a master’s degree in Corporate and Financial Law from New York University Law School. After significant experience gained abroad, in the early 90s, he returned to Italy and collaborated with the Legislative Office of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, to prepare draft legislation for financial legislation and related to the development of small did. and medium-sized enterprises, work, environment. She participated in the Forza Italia campaign as coordinator and, in 1995, was nominated in the regional elections.

In 2002 he moved for his professional interests to London, where he still lives, dividing himself with Italy and Puglia in particular. Nancy Dell’Olio founded the association in 2002.Truce International“, a Charity (foundation) that makes sport and especially football a perfect tool to break down ideological barriers and act as one. of contact Between realities characterized by conflict. Since 2003 he collaborates with “Perez Center for Peace”, wanted by Shimon Peres, President of the Republic of Israel, to raise funds for the construction, in 2006, of the construction of the first (and only) football field in Jerusalem, which, through this popular sport, unites the community of Israelis, Palestinians and Palestinians. Christian. In the wake of this peace initiative, it begins a significant collaboration with British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s foundation, which has been invested by the United Nations with the delicate role of ambassador and promoter of peace in the Middle East. Her strong interest in social is manifested in many other projects, which see her tirelessly involved in humanitarian initiatives in support of women and children, holding the position of “ambassador”.vital voice“For the United Kingdom, a union founded by Hillary Clinton to give voice to women’s leadership around the world. Her resume also boasts of a prestigious appointment. Testimonial The British Red Cross headed by Prince Charles of England, on whose behalf he visited the underprivileged areas of Africa. Since 2004 she is the ambassador of the Academy.Apulia UK“, a partnership born with the aim of creating a cultural bridge between Puglia and the United Kingdom, continuously promoting Puglia’s image and its tourism business and becoming an irreplaceable reference point for the many business initiatives associated with our region. They were launched in 2014. Cavalier was awarded the coveted honor of El Merito della Repubblica.It is an important point of reference for all foreigners who wish to belong to our region, from which it has always exported its ever dormant Mediterranean matrix, which Combined with an international vision of the legal and economic world and the concept of tourism as a bridge between people and cultures. Since July 2019 he has been responsible for International Relations / Public Relations Strategy for the Puglia Region. Ambassador of Puglia and Apulian to the World.

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