Mysterious lights illuminate the sky of Mars

“Hope”this is the surname of the first interplanetary mission Developed by United Arab Emirates. Since February 2021, he is in To revolve around around Mars. with the mission of studyingClimate And this climate of the Red Planet.

And the researchers operating it have just published crazy images sent back to them. picture inultraviolet Who shows mystical light. from Northern Lights Who moves like a worm from the night side to the day of Mars. All this is about 130 kilometers above the surface of the planet.

it’s not the first time that astronomers Missionaries observe such aurorae which they deem prudent. But researchers still don’t know exactly what phenomenon may have arisen. Northern Lights Discrete sinuous aurorae, on the scale of an entire planet.

To understand, astronomers plan to delve into archives of data mission to mars Past. Now that they know of the existence of discrete rotating aurorae, they hope to find complementary data in other wavelength,

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