Mutated virus in the UK: France eases travel restrictions

Due to the rapid spread of a new version of the Corona virus, France had generally decided to detain travelers from Great Britain. It has now been agreed to relax.

France has announced that it is reducing its restrictions on travelers to Great Britain, which was adopted two days ago because of a new version of the coronovirus. Citizens of the European Union as well as citizens of the British or other countries should be able to travel to Great Britain again from Wednesday with a domicile in the European Union. It was announced by the Prime Minister’s Office. Everyone entering will have to be able to show a negative corona test that is no more than 72 hours old and can also prove a new version of the corona virus.

Negotiation of movement of goods

British Transport Minister Grant Shaps had previously reported progress and an agreement with the French government. He announced information for the transport companies for the evening.

France decided on Sunday to be a general stopover for travelers to Great Britain. Freight was also stopped. The British government has negotiated with France, among other things, to start a Corona mass test for truck drivers, so that movement of goods across the English Channel can resume.

The UK relies on products being transported by truck from Europe. A representative of the British Retail Association told the BBC that it was important that border traffic be “reasonably smooth” from Wednesday, otherwise delivery to the stores could be a problem. In particular, goods such as salads, vegetables and fruits may be lacking “right after Christmas”.

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European Union Commission Against Travel Ban

Apart from France, several countries had disrupted their transport contact with Great Britain in the last few days. A new version of coronavirus that may be more contagious was first discovered there. The European Union Commission on Tuesday spoke against strict border closures with Great Britain.

It is important to take initial precautionary measures as soon as possible. According to the recommendation of the EU states by the European Union Commission, the necessary trips to Great Britain and the movement of goods are still possible.

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