Mutated virus in Great Britain: European Union Commission against Travel Ban

Fearing the mutated corona virus, many states have severely restricted traffic in Great Britain. The European Union Commission wants to stop the blanket travel ban, however, not to completely shut down Great Britain.

Despite the mutated version of Coronavirus in Great Britain, the European Union Commission has spoken out against strict travel restrictions to and from Great Britain. It is important to take initial precautionary measures as soon as possible. However, according to the recommendation of the European Union states from the European Union Commission, the necessary trips for the movement of goods to Great Britain and goods are still possible.

The European Union Commission stated, “The ban on air and train travel should be suspended to guarantee essential travel and avoid disruptions in the supply chain.” But travel that is not absolutely necessary should be “discouraged”.

Brit should be able to come home

The European Union’s Judicial Commissioner Didier Reinders also called on Member States to advise EU citizens against unnecessary travel. At the same time, there should not be any blanket travel restrictions that can prevent British and EU citizens from coming home. Any person who wants to return to their home or their main residence should also be able to do so if the person has a negative corona test or can go into quarantine.

However, the Commission’s recommendations are not binding. Boundary termination is the responsibility of individual states. After the apparently infectious change of coronovirus in Great Britain recently, many countries had restricted travel to Great Britain.

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France prohibits freight

The federal government has also banned mass transport companies from carrying passengers from Germany, aircraft, ships, trains or buses until 6 January. Exceptions are, among other things, pure freight transport, repatriation of aircraft, ships and crew, as well as transportation with medical staff or for humanitarian reasons.

France also reacted more strictly by closing the limits of freight traffic. Both countries are now working on a solution. The British government is negotiating with France, among other things, for truck drivers to be able to resume mass traffic in the English Channel, to begin the Corona mass test.

The UK relies on products being transported by truck from Europe. Andrew Opie of the British Retail Association said it was important that border traffic was “reasonably smooth” from Wednesday, otherwise there could be a problem with delivery to stores. In particular, items such as lettuce, vegetables and fruit may disappear “just after Christmas”, he told the BBC.

An entry ban was threatened from January 1

The European Union Commission insisted that the rules of freedom of movement for Great Britain come into force by the end of the Brexit transition phase on 31 December. From 1 January, however, the United Kingdom would be considered one of the so-called third countries, for which most countries in the European Union imposed extensive entry restrictions during the Corona crisis.

Tagasechu reported on the subject on December 22, 2020 at 5:00 pm.

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