Muslim women launch #PasToucheamonHijab

The veil ban with mothers during school visits, voting by the Senate in France, caused a shock wave in France and abroad. Many Muslim women are trying to make their voices heard with a hashtag launched on the social network, writes Le Parisien.

Thus, #PasToucheAMonHijab was born, often with a personal text written in the palm of his hand and a photo with a photo (motto). This hashtag was followed by another, #HandsOffMyHijab, launched in solidarity with Muslim women in France in the United States. Among the first to use their influence on their respective social networks: US lawmakers Ilhan Omar, fencing champion Ibtihaz Muhammad, model Rawdah Mohammed, as well as journalists Amani and Noor Tagouri.

In France, three Strasbourg women speak primarily by addressing the concerned French audience. Paris thus gives the floor to Mona, Iman and Amel. “Our objective is clear: to stop freedom-killing, discriminatory and Islamophobic laws. We want to be considered complete people. Stop making decisions for us, ”says eighth-year medical intern Mona.

For several weeks, several amendments have been added to the bill against “separatism”, including targeting many straight Muslim women, such as a ban on veils in sports competitions, a ban on burkinis in swimming pools, publicly veils on Restriction. Place for minors.

Along with mobilizing on social networks, Le Parisien recalls that more than 20,000 signatures were signed against the submission of the “separatism” bill on by unions, sociologists, journalists, anti-apartheid activists and university professors.

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