Muslim Uygar: Dominic Raab calls China for UN probe

After condemning the “vandalism” of practices used by China in relation to the treatment of the Uygar Muslim minority, British Foreign Minister Dominic Rab called an independent UN team to Beijing to investigate.

“We are campaigning for an official third party, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake the visit” with the aim of highlighting the situation of the Uygars in China, the British Foreign Minister said, on Sky News Channel .

He said that the Muslim minority of Uigars being tortured is absolutely shameful, rebellious, shocking. Many non-governmental organizations and independent bodies have been conscious of the treatment imposed on this Chinese minority, which sends itself to these concentration centers.

Forced labor, imprisonment, torture, forced sterilization, list of experts, citing the abuses inflicted on this community in the Xinjiang region. They belong to more than one lakh Uigars.

But Chinese officials refute these allegations, stating that Uygars are sent to vocational rehabilitation centers.

In response to allegations of British diplomacy, Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun condemned China’s interference in “internal affairs” and “purely political attacks”.

At this, Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb said there is a “simple way” to shed light on the matter if China feels it has nothing to hide. “The United Nations commissioner should allow human rights to visit and access these sites,” he said.

The British Foreign Minister said, “Clearly, we should not engage in free trade negotiations with countries that violate human rights below the genocide line.”

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