Musician Ludwig Forschel leaves the studio

A few days ago, Yoji Shinkawa informed us that a new game developed by Kojima Productions will be announced soon. Musician Ludwig Forssel recently decided to leave the studio.

As a reminder, Kojima Productions, founded by Hideo Kojima, was a subsidiary of Konmi since 2005 before becoming an independent studio, still under the direction of its founder.

Movement at Kojima Productions

The studio’s official composer, Swedish Ludwig Forssel, worked on the demo soundtrack PT (Silent Hills), Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Busters And more recently The death Local arbitrage. is through From a tweet by Ludwig Forssel So we learn about his departure from the team, eager to be independent.

Kojima Productions failed to wish the composer good luck, a separation recorded over a good period. And after 10 years of working together, the studio remains excited about the idea of ​​a new collaboration in the future.

Composed of a hundred members, among which artistic director Yoji Shinkawa, the studio is primarily known for the series. metal Gear. However, the teams also participated in the development of the title Zone of the Endors HD Collection And Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, among other things. The studio also produced the Fox engine which is widely used by the franchise Pro Evolution Soccer.

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