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Same, please, a little different: this motto will be on the schedule for the coming weeks at the Munich Film Museum; The work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, whose birthday is celebrating its 200th anniversary these days, is revered on the big screen. The Russian writer was already enjoying great success during his lifetime. In 1909, a film was made for the first time on one of his novels, “Crime and Atonement”. This was soon followed by adaptations of such masterpieces as “The Demons”, “The Idiot” or “The Karamazov Brothers”, there was a real Dostoevsky boom, and almost 300 film adaptations of his books have been made to date.

His most extensive work is about to begin: on Friday, November 19, “The Brothers Karamazov” from 1958 will be shown in the original English version. Yul Brynner and Maria Schell starred in this Hollywood twist on the tale of an immoral father and sons. The International Film Dictionary was not impressed by: “The demanding, but superficial Dostoyevsky film, which retains only traces of intellectual substance and the spiritual depth of the novel.” Richard Brooks’ film was still a success, it was invited to the Cannes festival, received an Oscar nomination, and reached number one at the US box office.

Film museum begins new year with women directors from Italy

The same story, told slightly differently, is shown in later days: again in the 2008 Czech film “Karamazovy”, the German silent film “Die BrĂ¼der Karamasoff” (1920) and the sound film “Der Morder Dimitri”. Karmasoff”. In the program “Since 1931”, it is noted in the last two productions that Fritz Kortner played a major role. The fusion of films from different countries and eras makes the series particularly exciting. Various versions of “Schuld and Atonement”, “The Gambler” or “White Nights” by directors such as Luchino Visconti, Robert Bresson and Aki Kaurismaki will be shown through January.

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The program is limited, with only one performance per evening on most days, but the content range is enormous. Audience cinema is part of the new programme, as are lectures on the topic “Film and Psychoanalysis”; 3D Westerns from the 1950s are also planned for December 2.

The Christmas movie series is particularly beautiful; Nine feature films from Great Britain, France, Sweden and Germany will be screened from 14 to 22 December. There will certainly be a reunion of Hollywood classics such as Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) or Michael Curtiz’s “We Are No Angels” from 1955. Even the 80s with Bruce Willis also had the action hit “Die Hard”.

The Film Museum begins the new year with Italy’s young female directors: from January 11, films by Laura Bispuri, Chiara Bellosi and Letizia Lamartiere will be shown.

Filmmuseum Munich, Saint-Jacobs-Platz 1, Dates:

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