Multiplayer now available for free

If you’re not already on it, the free multiplayer mode ofhello infinity Already available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

It was during the Xbox 20th Anniversary Stream that celebrated the release of the original Xbox that Microsoft confirmed the surprise release of the multiplayer element, which will be completely free-to-play. It’s a nice gift for this anniversary, which is also of this long-term license – Halo: Combar Evolved is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, having been one of the games at the launch of Xbox.

The mode was originally scheduled to launch on December 8 with a single-player campaign. Unlike previous Halo titles, multiplayer and campaign are two separate releases, and if multiplayer is free, the main game will cost 60 euros.

Rumors began to circulate a few days ago, however, after a fan noticed a November 15 release date on the source code of the store page.

When the game is coming to Xbox One, Halo Infinity is a highly anticipated release for the Xbox Series X/S, which was slated as a launch title before being pushed back to 2021 due to “the impact of the game.” ,

In recent months, 343 Industries has implemented several preview tests on PC and consoles to give players a preview of Halo Infinite Multi. But for now, only IGN has managed to get its hands on a single player campaign thanks to an exclusive IGN First preview. We were also able to present you the road map.

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