Multidimensional round table on time

Yes ! “La Sanité des Temps”, organized by the French Society of Physics (SFP), CNRS and CEA, in partnership with “Current Sanitary Circumstances” Science and future Like every year, it will be on Wednesday 10 March 2021. Science and future. The evening will be long and prosperous, but from 8 o’clock in the night, you will be able to attend a round table dedicated to the irreversibility of time, Science and the future.

Why can’t we go back in time, like in a movie theory The

Starting with the observation that the “river of time” flows only in one direction, we will wonder about the origin of this arrow that condemns us for not being able to return. Which will lead us to the side of thermodynamics and entropy, a notion recently popularized by the film theory, By Christopher Nolan. This search for “meaning” will also sink us into the strange world of particle physics, where we will try to understand what time it might be for a proton, for example, that would have lived in at least a billion billions of billions. is. (10)33) Years …

What does the notion of time mean for philosophers?

We will also see that when the particles collide to form others, the film of the encounter can be turned upside down without violating the laws of physics. There is a reversible time here, even if it is under certain conditions … This physics of time, or this time of physics, however does not inform us about the intrinsic nature of time. What does the notion of time mean for philosophers? Here’s a question as old as philosophy … To answer all these questions, three experts will be around the table: Yasmine Amis, the Particle Physicist (IJCLab, Université Paris-Sacle & CNRS / IN2P3), Emmanuel Trezac, Phys. Scientist (LPTMS,) Université Paris-Saclele) Expert in statistical mechanics, Christophe Bauton, philosopher (Universito Bordeaux-Montange). So see you on Wednesday 10 March at 8 pm!

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