Multi-device mode finally available

Whatsapp. The famous instant messaging app is evolving with many new features to make the life of its users easier. The long-awaited multi-device mode is finally available for everyone for PC, Mac and tablet.

Launched in beta in late September 2021, WhatsApp’s multi-device login feature has finally rolled out officially to the app’s more than two billion active users. Now, up to five devices can be linked to a single WhatsApp account. Convenient to use instant messaging not only on a smartphone but also on a computer or tablet (read our practical sheet).

And the operation is really simple. As of now, to enjoy WhatsApp on a device other than a smartphone, you have to have the phone with which the account is linked and keep it connected to the internet. With the multi-device option, that is no longer the case. This function makes it possible to connect up to four additional devices with the same account without being required to maintain a link with the mobile. So it is possible to exchange messages or make calls even if the smartphone is not connected to the internet or is simply switched off. Please note: Only the desktop version of WhatsApp or computers using the WhatsApp Web Online service are concerned. On tablets, WhatsApp Web must be accessed from a browser, making sure to enable the display of the web page in the “computer version”.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices?

To be able to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, you must first associate them with the account created on your smartphone. A simple and quick process.

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To take advantage of this new function, you must first update the WhatsApp application on your smartphone to ensure that you have the latest version (available from mod version (2.2210.10)).

download latest version of whatsapp

Once the application is updated on your smartphone, launch WhatsApp, launch it and go to the application settings (by pressing three little dots In the top right on Android or On gear bottom on iPhone), then go to Menu connected devices,

Press button Ok to activate the function.

then press connect device,

Now go to the device you want to connect your WhatsApp account with. All you have to do is follow the procedure described in our practical sheet to connect this new device to your account.

Remember, if you want to connect a tablet, make sure you use your web browser by selecting the “Computer version” display from its settings (here Firefox on an Android tablet).

Then just follow the same procedure to scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

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