M&S encourages shoppers with ‘disgust’ name for new £ 1.50 Christmas product

Fans of Marx and Spencer will know that they are not ashamed when it comes to new and innovative food products.

But while its new Christmas treat may seem delicious, it has gone too far for some buyers, who have described it as ‘crude’ and ‘disgusting’.

M&S has launched the new product on Twitter, where it has kept people divided.

The Mirror reports that this yam-yum donut hybrid, this sweet treat is called Santa Yumunut.

Marks & Spencer tweeted a picture of the dish with the caption: “Who wants to bite Santa Yaminut?”

“Our yam yam-donut hybrids have been given a christmasi variation, with a delicious flaky pastry layer and a sweet santer belt on top let them find it in our store bakeries.

Well it turns out that a lot of people weren’t really sure they wanted a bite out of Santa Yamunt *

One woman joked: “Anyone climbing into my chimney to deliver me their yamut is hitting dumbbells, a fair warning.”

The second person suggested: “Guys, you don’t need to trademark that name; no one else would want to use it,” the third exploded and said: “It has already ruined my Christmas.”

Comedian David Badiel said: “I know it was meant to be a Santa standard belt, but to really give it a fairly wrong name, I would say it looks like a Santa chastity belt.”

Many were very upset to hear the name.

Comedian Aaron Gilles joked: “So you’re submitting a trademark for something called … yam … almonds.”

“Yes” “Yamanuts?” “Yeah” “Did you know that sounds disgusting?” “

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Santa Yamanots “” No “” For the kids “” Get out of my office or I’ll call the police “

Another replied: “Greggs will never do that.”

If you’re still tempted, the Yum Yum-Donut Hybrid will now sell for বা 4 for one or three dollars for

The description on the website states: “Say hello to a special Christmasmasi version of our iconic Yum Yum-Donut hybrid from our bakery.

“Flaky pacity level and a sweet Santa belt on top – yum!

“Available in stores from November 4.”

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