Moving the Liverpool training ground could help the Reds close the gap between Manchester United and other rivals.

According to new figures released by the CIES Football Observatory, there were a total of 11 players between the ages of 15 and 21 who played with Liverpool in at least three seasons when they went to play in the top five leagues in Europe in 2011/2016.

Manchester United (24) have more ‘trained clubs’ of players than six English clubs – Arsenal (23), Chelsea (20), Manchester City (116), Southampton (15) and Tottenham (13).

Top five leagues in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – Manchester United have more club-trained players in the top five leagues than any other English club in the last five consecutive seasons.

In 2012/2017, United were at the top with 23 club-trained players, 23 with Arsenal, 20 with Chelsea, 1 with Manchester City, 15 with Southampton, 13 with Tottenham and 11 with Liverpool.

United were at the top of the list in 2018/19 before 28 club-trained players Chelsea (23), Arsenal (20), Tottenham (17), Southampton (15) and Manchester City (12). Images for Liverpool were not available that year.

In 2017/18, Manchester United topped the list of English clubs with 24 club trained players. Arsenal are second with 1, third with Tottenham, fourth with Manchester City, and joint fifth with Liverpool and Chelsea.

This is Manchester United (26), Arsenal 921), Chelsea (17), Tottenham (15), Manchester City (14), Liverpool (12) in 2011/17 and Manchester United (34) in 2015/16, Arsenal ( 22), Tottenham (17), Chelsea (13), Southampton (13), Manchester City (12) – and 2014/15 – Manchester United (31), Arsenal (20).

However, when considering the timing of the game and the level of competition involved, Chelsea came out on top last season.

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Chance’s club-trained players are 1.0.0 for Manchester United and 13 for Arsenal. Man and Manchester City play an average of 1 each.1 games compared to 1 games.9.

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In terms of level, Chelsea’s players averaged 1.7 for United, 1.6 for Arsenal and 1.6 for City.

This means that the Football Observatory analysis gives Chelsea a weighted score of 43.9, ahead of Manchester United (41.8), Arsenal (3.4.4), Manchester City (34.1) and Liverpool (29.4).

Real Madrid has the best weight score in Europe at 699.1, followed by Barcelona (.12.1), Valencia (47.), Real Sociedad (4.7), Athletic Bilbao (4.7) and Lyon (4). 47.4), Chelsea (43.9), Atletico Madrid (42..7)), and Manchester United (41.8).

With Liverpool moving to Kirkby’s new XA training center after the international break, Jrgen Klopp’s first-team squad will eventually train in close proximity to the club’s academy.

It could further enhance Liverpool’s youth system, allowing the Reds to keep a close eye on future stars and train with his squad.

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