MotoGP 21: A new round, on the same basis

If Fabio Quartaro’s two recent wins or Johan Zarco’s good performance have made you to warm up the tires and start on two wheels, the timing is excellent. The official simulation of the MotoGP World Championship, MotoGP 21, was officially released this Thursday. After a spectacular opus in 2020, Milestone’s new kid redeems his achievements, without major changes.

Available on new-generation consoles, namely the PS5 and Xbox series, as well as the older one (PS4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch, and PC), the Moto GP 21 was offered by its developers “An unprecedented experience”With an even more advanced simulation: brake temperature management, motorcycle recovery, the introduction of “long lap” (a penalty lap in the event of a cut track) … pleasurable improvement, even if the sensation without huge consequences at the end.

Return to career mode

Like these previous versions, the Moto GP 21 makes it possible to face riders of the current grid of World Championships, from Moto GP to Moto 3, modeled in the game and identified some of the legendary riders along with their facial features. In terms of the circuit, 23 are available: which will be toured this season and 3 “historicals”, including a newcomer: Brno. Career Mode, a good success from the previous version, which allows you to choose your agent and team to climb the ranks of Moto GP, is making a welcome return, even without much modification.

The simulation, prized by many professional pilots (during the epidemic, some tried their hand at virtual competition), is based on the strengths of its predecessor. Firstly, adjustable according to immersive races, circuits with motorcycles and extensive mechanical development. Secondly, a very powerful artificial intelligence (called ANA) with opponents with realistic behavior, which is always a challenge for a motivational video adaptation. Something to satisfy fans of past Opus, who will easily find the sensations of speed and competition that they love.

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