Mother spends 800 800 on daughter’s Christmas gifts – but only a couple buys son

A dotting mam has been ruthlessly criticized by her classmates for the amount of money she has spent on her daughter’s Christmas gifts.

Alicia Snooks, 33, of Queensland, Australia, bought more than $ 1,400, about 800 800, for her three-year-old daughter this year, but she hasn’t finished yet.

Alicia also has a six-week-old son, who was treated with some clothing, bath toys and bouncers.

The mother-of-two has admitted that she was never really a Christmas man before her child was born.

But now, she’s looking forward to a festive holiday every December so she can spoil her kids – mainly her little daughter Rosalie “too little” to open gifts as her son.

Alicia told her children will grow up ‘entitled’

Alicia told the Daily Mail Australia that she only bought some practical gifts for her son to teach her daughter so that others could also receive gifts.

Protesting his actions, he said: “We don’t want him to think he’s on the bad list.”

The mother-of-two shared what gifts she bought her daughter online, including a climbing wall and an online roll with a trampoline.

The trampoline, which will cost $ 800 (about £ 99), will also have her baby brother’s name on it so that when she is old enough to use it, Rosalie realizes she needs to share.

But most parents say that giving their children such gifts will only make them “deserving” or “they believe they deserve everything.”

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One person said: “It’s going to be overwhelming enough for a three-year-old …. hardly anything will play into it.”

Despite her criticism, Rosalie can’t wait for Alicia to open all the gifts waiting for her on Christmas day.

She added that she would tell her little girl that all of the “good” toys came from her mother and father rather than her child because she did not want him to achieve all her achievements.

Many people agreed that it was a good idea because it was not suitable for children from poor families.

Alicia starts buying Christmas gifts at a mid-year toy sale so she has everything she wants in stock – which is when she buys Rosalie’s Advent gifts.

In late December, Alicia will be wrapping 24 books under the tree on the first day of her appearance so that her little girl has a book to open every night before Christmas when she opens something like a doll.

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