Moscow threatens EU after announcement of potential sanctions

Moscow, ready to face the European Union? Indeed, Moscow has confirmed that, facing possible sanctions imposed by the European Union, Russia is set to only serious diplomatic relations with Brussels. An announcement was confirmed by the Russian Foreign Minister on Friday, Sergey Lavrov.

For a few days now, the European Union wants to force Moscow to react to the case. Naval. In fact, economic sanctions are being studied, to push the Kremlin to announce its release. However, Russia does not wish to go in this direction and continues to work to prevent the risk of overgrowth.

Is Moscow ready to sever its ties with the European Union?

Facing the risk of sanctions, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov Confirmed that Russia was ready to react to the point of isolating itself on the international landscape by ending its relations with the European Union. One way for Russia is to pressure Brussels, while Moscow fears for its economy.

Kremlin, ready to

A thorn for European diplomacy, which repeatedly confirms that it is ready to negotiate with Moscow. Despite this broken hand, relations between the two blocks are becoming more and more tense and no one really knows what may happen in the coming weeks.

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