Morocco’s Ambassador to Chile highlights Kingdom efforts to boost OIF’s actions

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 10:22 pm

Santiago – Morocco’s Ambassador to Chile, Kenja El Gali, highlighted the state’s efforts to promote the actions of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), particularly in the area of ​​peace and security consolidation.

Speaking at a virtual ceremony on behalf of the Moroccan embassy to launch the Semin de la Francophonie held in Chile on Monday, Ms El Gali confirmed that Morocco, which joined the organization in 1981, was constantly close with the ‘OIF’ Maintains relationships to develop and diversify coordination and mobilization actions around global issues of common interest.

The Kingdom is an active member of the OIF and is present in almost all bodies, particularly in the political, human rights and governance areas, as well as in terms of economic and digital cooperation, making significant contributions. Morocco has raised on the Council of Permanent Representation La Francophonie by appointing a personal representative to the head of government.

The Moroccan diplomat observed that the OIF’s commitment lies in the process of its transformation from a political and cultural organization to an organization with economic implications, particularly in the sustainable development and integration, within the framework of the global economic agenda. In French-speaking region countries, especially in Africa.

The OIF is currently soliciting and reinvigorating multilateralism, encouraging close cooperation with the United Nations (UN) in the fields of international peace and security, conflict prevention, implementation of sustainable development, good governance, promotion of democracy. is. The rule of law, human rights and the integration of women and youth.

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Ms L Gali recalled the visit of the Secretary-General of La Francophony to Morocco in March 2019 in this regard, reflecting a shared ambition to give better visibility to Morocco’s role within this organization and to strengthen cooperation in various fields. Gave up the roadmap. Areas of birth

Thus, Morocco participated in the work of the fact-finding mission and approached Niger in 2020 and, within the framework of the OIF in 2020, examined the situation in these countries to calm the political atmosphere and to begin preparations for them. Elections in a consensual and inclusive manner, noted the Moroccan ambassador to Chile.

In addition, Morocco, through its International Cooperation Agency (AMCI), was elected president of the network of South-South and Trilateral Cooperation Actors at the end of the first General Assembly of the network held in October 2019. , She continues, saying that the Kingdom is the vice president of the Francophone Association of National Human Rights Commission, which brings together the National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) of the French-speaking place.

Ms El Ghali also recalled the organization by Morocco from 26 to 29 January, remembering Habib Al Malki, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the 46th parliamentary assembly of La Franconi (APF), as the Vice President of the APF.

At the same time, the diplomat presented various virtual cultural activities, sorted as part of Francophony Week in Chile, with the participation of 12 diplomatic representations, screening a series of films, poetry contests and various concerts. OIF, as well as countries associated with the French Institute.

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He was involved in calling in a group of diplomatic representations of recognized French-speaking countries from Chile (Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Greece, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Monaco, Romania, Switzerland and Vietnam) to maintain close consultation. have failed. On topical issues in OIF.

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