Morocco works for political stability in Libya

The Kingdom, which takes care to coordinate with the United Nations in its efforts to bring together Libyan actors, reiterates its full readiness to support the political process in Libya.

“The organization of the conference to support the stability of Libya fits perfectly with Morocco’s strategic vision to address this crisis”. This was confirmed, Thursday, October 21, 2021, in Tripoli, Fouad Yazouf, Ambassador, Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during an international ministerial conference on African cooperation and the paths to be taken for Morocco living abroad Solution to the Libyan Crisis.

Mr Yazoff, who represented the kingdom at this major diplomatic event, stressed that Morocco’s vision for a solution to the Libyan crisis is based on the belief that any solution to the transition from the transition process to democratic construction can only be A realistic inter-Libyan solution that preserves the sovereignty of this country, away from interference and foreign agendas. Morocco’s vision has become clearer since the first consultations, leading up to the Skirt Agreement and the Libyan meetings, which took place on Moroccan soil, in Buznica and Tangier.

The Moroccan diplomat also stressed the importance of dialogue and consultation between Libyan actors to reach political agreements, which enable the head of the organization to implement UN resolutions and recommendations of international conventions. Timely for legislative and presidential elections.

They also expressed Moroccan satisfaction at the progress made by Libya on the path to a political solution, calling for more efforts to address other challenges, maintain political and security gains, and achieve the Libyan people’s aspirations for stability. called upon. National Reconciliation and Development.

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strengthens regional stability
Mr Yazo also praised the success of the organization of this conference, which reaffirms, as the state had already expressed, the importance for Libyans to manage their own affairs as they move through the transition process. Stability.

The Kingdom, which ensures to coordinate with the United Nations in its actions of synergy among Libyan actors, reiterates its total disposition to support the political process in Libya, efforts for national reconciliation and the creation of security, economic and political plans. A strong and unified Libyan state that strengthens both national and regional security and stability.

The participants of this conference, in their final communiqué, underlined the need to hold elections on their date, that is, 24 December, in accordance with the roadmap adopted by the Libyan Political Dialogue.

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