Morocco under the magnifying glass of The Good Country Index: the status of a half fig, half grape

The Good Country Index, which examines the contributions of the world’s countries to the planet and mankind through policies and practices, is based on 35 data points generated for the most part by the United Nations. The index is made up of seven categories, namely science and technology, culture, peace and international security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity, equality, health and happiness.

Thus Morocco ranks first in the world for international peace and security. The report’s authors believe that Morocco “Contribution above average” Through peacekeepers and dues to the United Nations peacekeeping budget as a percentage of contributions to the prevention of international violent conflict as well as through Internet security.

The state is also 34th in the world in terms of prosperity and equality. Report says Morocco contributes above average “open trade”, ,UN volunteers abroad (ie the number of volunteers sent overseas in relation to the size of the country, editor’s note) as well as outflow of direct investment abroad. It also contributes on average against money laundering.

Morocco comes in 46th place in terms of science and technology. The report’s editors say that Morocco contributes much higher than average through international publications, above average through international students and about average through journal exports and patents.

The country ranks 87th for planet and climate, 94th for health and wellness, 100th for culture, and only 128th for world order.

Overall, Morocco ranks third in Africa behind South Africa (44th) and Tunisia (47th). It is also ahead of its neighbors in the MENA region, second only to Tunisia, and ahead of Israel (59th), the United Arab Emirates (65th) and Egypt (75th). It has overtaken Algeria (136th), Libya (166th) and Mauritania (168th).

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The ranking is topped by Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Finland. Last place goes to Sudan (165th), Libya, Central African Republic, Mauritania and Syria (169th) respectively.

The Good Country Index Founded by Briton Simon Anholt, who has advised presidents, prime ministers, monarchs and governments in nearly 60 countries over the past twenty years, his competition aims to help them engage more productively and creatively in the world.


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