Morocco to chair GAFIMOAN in 2022 (ANRF)

Morocco will chair the Financial Action Group for the Middle East and North Africa (GAFIMOAN) in 2022, the National Financial Intelligence Authority (ANRF) announced on Wednesday.

The designation of the Kingdom took place in the presence of representatives of 21 member states, during the 33rd Assembly of GAFIMOAN, held on 16 and 17 November in Cairo, in addition to observers representing the Financial Action Group (FATF). The United States, the European Commission, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Gulf Cooperation Council, the authority said in a statement.

During this meeting, the Chairman of the Authority, who represented the Kingdom, presented Morocco’s second Reinforced Monitoring Report and reviewed the efforts made by the Kingdom since the date of the adoption of the first report. In November 2020, as well as the main measures taken at the legislative, institutional, operational or national cooperation level, notes the same source.

It was also a question of highlighting the achievements in terms of implementation of the National Action Plan agreed with FATF to harmonize the national system with international standards and strengthen its effectiveness.

In addition, the meeting was also an opportunity to highlight the measures adopted in the framework of developing bilateral and multilateral cooperation with international partners and strengthening Morocco’s position at the level of competent regional and international bodies.

During the meeting, the priorities of the mandate of the Group’s Chairmanship for the coming year were also presented, particularly relating to the continued implementation of the Action Plan set out with the FATF, strengthening the foundation of governance within the Group. Improve the evaluation and monitoring processes and strengthen the role of the Group in various international bodies and activities.

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