Morocco ranks 95th out of 152 countries in the 2020 World Trade Index

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranked Morocco at 95th out of 152 countries evaluated in the index 2020 of e-commerce between businesses and consumers.

At the continental level, Morocco is ranked 9th, while Mauritius is ranked at the African summit. The Kingdom precedes Tunisia (77th) and Lebanon (64). Globally, the ranking is led by Switzerland and the Netherlands.

More than that, the Kingdom is ranked 74th in the sub-index related to the share of the population using the Internet, with a financial institution or service provider ranked 29th on the share of people. Mobile Money Services, 49th. Ability to secure Internet services, 27th in reliability scores for postal services and infrastructure.

This ranking is specifically based on access to secure servers for the Internet, the reliability of infrastructure and postal services, and the proportion of the population that activates a digital account with a financial institution.

Last October, UNCTAD noted that world trade went slightly backward in the third quarter, but remained negative except for China, while the fourth quarter decline would be 3% compared to the previous quarter (compared to 5% in the third quarter ) year.

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