Morocco on top of Tunisian dates importers

According to the Tunisian Competitive Date Group (GID), Morocco remains the major importer of Tunisian dates with 20.7 thousand tonnes during the season from 1 October to 15 March.

GIDI Director General Sameer Ben Slim said, “Tunisia exported to about 82 countries including Morocco, representing the first floor with 20.7 thousand tons, followed by Italy (6,700 tons), France (6,400 tons) and Germany ( 5,900 tons). ” Statement to the press.

Tunisia exported its dates to Malaysia (5.6 thousand tons), Spain (4.2 thousand tons), Indonesia (3.8 thousand tons), Turkey (3 thousand tons), the United States (2.4 thousand tons) and Belgium (2.1 thousand tons). did. He said, noting that the exported biological dates reached about 6 thousand tons for a value of 45.8 md (1 euro = 3.28 dinars), i.e. 7.4% of the total quantity exported and about 31 countries exported. 8.6% of the value.

The official said that the volume of Tunisian dates exported was 81.8 thousand tonnes during the period, representing a value of 535.8 million dinars, while with a value of 80.3 thousand tonnes or 556.6 MD, as compared to the previous season (2019-2020 ) Was during the same period. ) Belongs to.

The Group’s General Manager reported a growth of 1.8% of the volume exported against a 3.7% drop in value in this direction.

And to explain that this drop in prices is due to increased competition from other date-producing countries, in addition to the reluctance and volatility of importers in foreign markets, due to the spread of the coronovirus epidemic.

The 2020/2021 dates season, which recorded significant production with 335 thousand tonnes, faced a number of difficulties, mainly due to the reluctance of importers to sell dates on the vine, which significantly increased quality due to fears of coronovirus epidemic results Reduced. Export speed.

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