Morocco on alert

Monkeypox, a rare disease of African origin, has already been reported in the United Kingdom, Portugal, France and Spain. Due to the dynamism in the world, many suspected cases have been detected and countries are on alert.

In Morocco, the Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control coordinates with the regional directorates of the Ministry of Health to set up a watch. The aim is to avoid any contamination from European countries, especially with the approach of “Operation Marhaba 2022”, preparations for which have already begun, reports al-akhbari,

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This smallpox, the daily recalls, “remains rare among humans and not very contagious and usually heals on its own in a few weeks”. But a health alert has been issued in the affected countries. The symptoms of this viral disease revolve around “fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain and fatigue”.

Very viral disease, this infection is spread during close contact, or exchange of bodily fluids. The latest news, Canada and the United States having reported their first cases of contamination, underlines the same source.

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