Morocco in Top 5 of Best Countries to Settle in for French Retirees

Paul Delahotre, the founder of the site, has defined 12 criteria such as cost of living, value of real estate, medical care, but also cultural heritage and gastronomy, climate, infrastructure, to achieve the ranking of the 10 best countries in which French To settle for retirees. The site also sent out a questionnaire to 176 retirees wishing to move abroad to understand why they consider such and such countries to be “their retirement havens”. “European countries come before others,” says Paul Delhautre. With COVID-19, retirees want to make sure they can easily return to France, but also that they will benefit from a good healthcare system.

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Morocco ranks 4ᵉ in the ranking of the best countries to settle in for French retirees. It owes this place to its proximity to France, its climate, accessibility and leisure. Greece tops this ranking for its wealth of cultural heritage, security and leisure. This is followed by Portugal (2ᵉ, access, security and leisure), Spain (3ᵉ, access, infrastructure and medical care), Thailand (5ᵉ, cost of living, real estate and medical care), Mauritius (6ᵉ, protection, natural heritage). is the location of. and integration) and Senegal (7ᵉ, climate, integration and real estate). Tunisia (climate, real estate and access), Bali (cost of living, natural and cultural heritage) and the Dominican Republic (natural heritage, climate and leisure) round off the podium.

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