Morocco could deliver electricity to the UK by 2027

(Agency Ecofin) – A project to install an undersea cable linking Morocco and the United Kingdom should provide electricity in 2027, following the announcement of talks in April 2021. Morocco is looking to tap into its energy transition as well as its potential to export green electricity.

Sir Dave Lewis, president of clean energy company Xlynx, said on Friday (April 29) that the submarine cable project connecting Morocco to the United Kingdom could provide electricity from 2027 if launched before the end of this year.

speaker at an event of sky NewsSir Lewis, according to the Moroccan press, indicated that the cable would be connected to the British national network in North Devon, assuring that ” If the project is started before the end of this year, electricity will start flowing in 2027 and the project can operate at its maximum capacity in 2030. ,

In April 2021, the CEO of Xlinks announced that his company plans to build a 10.5 GW power plant (7 GW for solar and 3.5 GW for wind) in Morocco and 3,800 km of energy produced through HVDC (high) plans to move directly to the UK. voltage direct current) submarine cable.

According to the CEO’s statements, the cable was to connect to sites in Wales and Devon, making it the longest submarine power cable in the world. This initiative will be driven by the low cost of production and the availability of resources in Morocco. , The low cost of solar and wind generation in the Sahara means the project could involve significant storage to enable the project to supply electricity to Britain overnight. “, declared the persons in charge of the company.

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The project, if it were undertaken as planned, would make Morocco one of the major exporters of electricity based on renewable energy, a regional energy hub, such as Egypt. The country is in the midst of an energy transition, even considered a model in this race towards net zero. In 2021, the share of renewable energy in the total installed electric power was 37%.

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