Morocco appointed coordinators of two working groups within the Arab Network of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies (ANNUR)

VsHis appointment, which was 13. happened duringAnd The ANNUR meeting, held in Hammamet in Tunisia from March 22 to 24, 2022, comes in response to the presentation of national experience related to regulatory control of the safety aspects of radioactive waste management and the safety of TRIGA Mark II. research reactor, the agency said in a statement.

In this regard, and in accordance with the Network’s Terms of Reference, “AMSSNUR, now in its capacity as coordinator, called for coordinating the implementation of a strategy aimed at establishing the terms of reference of the two working groups raised and the action plan adopted in consultation with the ANNUR member states. Has gone”Outlines the press release.

In fact, the meeting was, on the one hand, an opportunity for the participants to choose their achievements, challenges faced in terms of implementation of the projects supervised by ANNUR and, on the other hand, the coordinators of various activities. The working group responsible for nuclear and radiological safety and security, adds a single source.

The meeting was represented by AMSSNuR, which is part of the activities of the Arab Network, of the Department of Regulation and Licensing, as a forum for sharing and exchanging experiences in the field of nuclear and radiological safety and security. come under the main. The agency’s Department of Nuclear Security, Mohamed Maital.

Besides representatives of United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (US-NRC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and ANNUR partners, representatives of regulatory authorities from various Arab countries including Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania also participated in the meeting. , Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Sudan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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The meeting was also marked by the appointment of Iraq through its regulatory authority to the presidency of the ANNUR network, and this, following the alphabetical order of the members of the network’s Arab countries, concludes the press release.

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