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by Brahim Touchichette

For a few years now, our neighbor to the west has been playing his favorite national game: smashing sugar on his neighbor’s back to the east. The east wind, the west wind that God creates every day, is not very bright news and which is not counting our leaders and generals with all the evil, no matter what lies and outrageous attacks.

Her Majesty’s media jokes, frivolous accusations and is almost always not annoyed. In anger. It is great for us to see Moroccan officials, regardless of their rank, seeking to open the borders that were closed in 1994, as a prerequisite for everything. If nothing helps, the masters of Makhzen do not hesitate to recall their friends – who, moreover, do not take us into their hearts. Let us describe the benefits that they derive from the services rendered to Her Majesty. Two countries so close but separated by a surprising disillusionment in their continuity. Ah, the classic enemy! If one rules allegiance and submission, on the contrary, the other has always been very careful about everything connected with his pride. But to overcome the ridiculousness of the impasse, we have used tactics. What could be better in times of large groups than to unite our resources and our intelligence in a less restrictive framework. The early nationalists had gathered in Tangier and parted ways with many promises and emotional embraces. These were to be confirmed in the grandly announced Arab Maghreb Union (AMU). It is ignoring conflicting interests and tensions that would make it an empty shell.

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The 2008 Algiers Conference, at the initiative of the RCD, will deliver “The Algiers Declaration” which will remain a dead letter. 4 Maghreb parties were present. But the west neighbor’s calculations were different, as Algerian nationalists who do not understand the vicissitudes of their “brothers” will learn with bitterness. Thus the case of Western Sahara will expose all untold things. The doctrine of colonialism is being crushed. It is forgetting Makhzen’s desire to grab the land of others. The Battle of the Sands would remain a painful episode for all those who lived it in their flesh, and thus the utter disillusionment of the sung brotherhood. Mauritania would not escape these expansionist hungers until 1960, when its sovereignty would be recognized by the United Nations Organization. and Algeria.

Hassan II, who was not on his first forfeiture, stabbed the WBU in the back and ordered the cynical Pseudo-Green March. His progeny would continue their work until the crossing of the Rubicon with the recognition of the State of Israel. Will our officers finally understand that this Morocco has never included the grandeur and unity of this dreamy Maghrebian ensemble on its agenda? That he is quick to turn to Europe, the West, and become the object of their fantasies, the least of which is to be the master of the game forever?
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Algerian Evening, June 02, 2021

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