Moroccans victims of racism in Chantiers de l’Atlantique

“The foreman was yelling at us all the time, we couldn’t even take a break to go to the bathroom, he used to tell us to pee in water bottles. He even sent us to steal power cords from other boats. And then there were racist insults, we were called dirty arabs or niggas, I’m angry, we ain’t dogs! », tells France Blue Abdel*, a Spanish resident of Morocco who lived with Paine for seven years.

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“We always had to work fast, fast,” Babakar* says. We went through all this because we need to work and feed our families… there is no other work in Spain.” For his part, the team leader involved is deeply shocked by these allegations and by everything. Denies. To make themselves heard, the workers sent their complaints to the company’s management in Spain as well as the Labor Inspectorate. They have the support of the CGT.

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According to these employees, they had promised employment by 2026, but were sacked for daring to challenge these remedies. “That’s wrong. (…) Never had a problem, they’re workers who can’t digest their dismissal. (…) Their contract, a representative said, had just expired, “Pine in Saint-Nazaire responds to a second confederation in Force Aurier, which defends the management.

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In Spain, the Labor Minister has already received the file. A delegation of Paine is currently in Saint-Nazaire to conduct an internal investigation. For his part, Chantiers de l’Atlantique is doing the hearing.

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* first name Revised

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