Moroccan Sahara: Stefan de Mistura and Alexander Ivanko to be briefed by the Security Council on April 20

By Mohamed Dechiloui 04/05/2022 at 9:43 pm.

Nasser Bourita receives Staffan de Mistura, the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Sahara of Morocco, in Rabat.

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Kiosk360. The United Nations Security Council will hold a meeting on 20 April specifically dedicated to the Moroccan Sahara. The meeting takes place in an international diplomatic context that is particularly favorable to Morocco, explains the Al-Akhbar from which this press review is drawn.

In its edition of Wednesday 6 April, the daily al-akhbari There are reports that the Security Council is preparing to hold a meeting specifically dedicated to the Moroccan Sahara, during which 15 members of the UN executive body will be presented with a report by the head of the UN mission, setting up Responsible for monitoring ceasefire compliance. In the Sahara in 1991.

al-akhbari welcomes the fact that this meeting is being held in a particularly favorable context for Morocco, especially in view of the historical turning point that the former colonial power, Spain, which now recognizes that Morocco The recourse to autonomy in the U.S. is the sole basis for any resolution of the dispute created around this part of Moroccan territory.

Thus, Russian Alexander Ivanko, the UN Secretary General’s special representative for the Sahara and the head of MINERSO, will present a report on April 20 on the situation in the Sahara and in particular the respect for the ceasefire in their region, according to the Security Council’s official website. observation regarding whether or not.

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al-akhbari Adds that during this April 20 meeting, the Security Council will also hear the UN SG’s personal envoy to the Sahara, Stephan de Mistura, who will explain the main findings drawn from his recent and earlier visit to the region. It is expected to ask the Security Council to demand that all parties, and in particular Algeria, return to the Gordian knot of the Sahara conflict, the 2018-2019 political process that materialized by the Round Table . This is a position that Morocco clearly explained to Stephane de Mistura during his visit to Rabat last January.

This political process will be voted on by 13 votes and 2 on 31 October, in line with the latest Security Council resolution 2602, as the basis for discussions on the autonomy plan for the Sahara.

by Mohamed Dechiloui

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