Moroccan resort: autonomy scheme, the only option for a definitive solution (formerly MAE)

The autonomy plan proposed by Morocco for its southern provinces is the only “option” for a definitive solution to the Sahara issue, said Maria da Conceicao Nobre Cabral, former Foreign Minister of Guinea-Bissau.

“Under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco is the only option that leads us to a final solution to the Sahara issue,” she told MAP on the sidelines. A sub-regional symposium held last Wednesday in Dakar on the topic “Thinking about the Sahara issue and promoting innovative solutions” by the Pan-African Strategy Institute (IPS), a Senegal think tank.

According to him, “the strategy to find an eventual solution to this problem involves contributing extensively to support the autonomy plan”.

“I would especially like to congratulate HM King Mohammed VI on the leadership and major diplomatic victories that Morocco has achieved in 2020 as well as his unwavering commitment to the dynamism of openness, progress and modernity for the overall development of the region. . and even Africa too,” added the former head of Bissau-Guinea diplomacy.

According to him, “the implementation of the plan proposed by Morocco is desirable because it emphasizes the multi-sectoral development of the region in the same way that this initiative is a symbol of the sincerity of the Moroccan authorities”.

So, to date, continued Ms. Nobre Cabral, the Moroccan initiative, which is considered credible, serious and realistic by the United Nations, is the only “truly credible” proposal on the table.

The “relevance” and “great scope” of the Moroccan Plan are welcomed by the international community in its majority and considered the sole basis for a just and lasting solution to this regional conflict, he said again, emphasizing the importance of the decision. The United States recognized Morocco’s absolute sovereignty over its Sahara.

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They also noted the opening of consulates of friendly countries in Morocco in Laoune and Dakhla, noting that it “falls under a sovereign approach that in its essence expresses strong support and good implementation of the conflict resolution process”. does”.

With a sub-regional dimension, the Dakar Symposium brought together experts, political figures and eminent members of West African civil society from Senegal, Cape Verde, Cte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania.

The participants called for rectification of the legal aberration and historical anomaly that is the entry of “RASD” within the Organization for African Unity (OAU) and then its retention in the African Union (AU) by initiating its effective suspension. As soon as possible, from the ranks of the continental organization.

He also underlined the need for Morocco to end the territorial dispute surrounding the Sahara, which, according to him, is an obstacle to the socio-economic integration of the continent and a hindrance to the peace of the Sahelo-Saharan space.

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