Moroccan autonomy plan, increasingly strong international and regional support

Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 9:30 pm

Laayoune – Nothing seems to stop the Sahara’s growing international support for Morocco. Following the strong official positions of several world powers, such as the United States, Spain or Germany, in support of the autonomy plan presented by the state, it is the Maghreb’s turn to demonstrate their mobilization of intellectuals, politicians and allied actors. In favor of this realistic and promising solution for the region.

In fact, any attentive observer of the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara should have long come to a clear conclusion: the conflict is costly to the process of development and unification of the Maghreb and its settlement requires only Moroccan sovereignty. Under the scheme of autonomy is needed. ,

It is in this spirit that a number of eminent North African personalities from different backgrounds (intellectuals, political actors, allied actors, etc.) recently met in Laeune to initiate a civic structure in support of the autonomy plan, to be coordinated for application. is called. Autonomy Scheme in Sahara

The creation of this coordination, which was entrusted to the former Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Aounis, was announced on the sidelines of the first Maghreb Forum in support of the autonomy plan for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, held in Laoise. was done. ,

During the event, Mr Onais stressed that Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara is the “cornerstone” for establishing a stable, balanced and effective Maghreb federation, noting that the autonomy plan is the serious solution. and reliable which guarantees the stability of the sector and its progress.

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“The autonomy plan proposed by Morocco since 2007 has received great international support, and we North Africans can only commit to that approach because it is our duty to support the sovereignty of Morocco, to maintain the sovereignty and that of our countries. Territorial integrity,” said Algerian journalist Walid Kabir, president of the Maghreb Association for Peace, Cooperation and Development, the organizer of the forum.

He said that the autonomy scheme would be a model to follow in terms of decentralization and local governance within the framework of national states.

The participants of this Forum underlined that the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara is considered one of the major obstacles to the achievement of a strong and united Maghreb federation, welcoming the achievements made by the Kingdom in the implementation of advanced regionalization .

He also noted that the current challenges at the regional and international level require solidarity and cooperation among the countries of the region, while recalling the opening of consulates of many countries of the world in Laoune and Dakhla.

The Coordination, whose office is composed of 15 members representing the five countries of the region (Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco), is specifically aimed at supporting the autonomy plan for the Moroccan Sahara under the full sovereignty of the state. . To bring together all North Africans of different orientations who believe in a true North African union of cooperation and development and to build united societies that encourage coexistence and intellectual mingling.

This new framework will also serve to counter separatist ideas that are destructive to nations and to encourage the creation of a competitive Maghreb economy that creates jobs and generates wealth.

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In addition to representatives of recognized diplomatic missions in Laayoune and local civil society actors, the event was marked by the participation of a number of North African and African personalities.

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