More than 90% of the staff in Mayen’s main hospitals are vaccinated

Two months after the announcement of Emmanuel Macron, Nursing staff must receive at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 by Wednesday 15 September to go to work. This concerns hospital workers, nursing homes, domestic helpers, but also firefighters. Without this vaccination, employees would be suspended without pay.

We’ve heard a lot in recent weeks that the hospital was about to suffer, losing staff in areas already under stress. Maize, In Mayen hospitals, caregivers are eventually vaccinated at more than 90%. This obligation will probably leave a mark. “He played a dangerous game”, This is what a nurse from Laval Hospital said on this subject. Finally, Mayen establishments should not see waves of departure of caregivers who refuse vaccines.

At Laval, we do not yet comment on statistics, nor on organization. Management expected vaccination till the last minute. For example, four nurses have already stated that they will no longer come to work. It’s not much, it’s true, but “These are the services that are in trouble” A trade unionist slips.

In Mayen, we will vaccinate over 90% of the workforce. A dozen caregivers and nurses must retreat. Most other caregivers begin vaccinations, especially as soon as the wallet is touched. in Chateau-GontierThe human resources department is not worried, the health officials have not raised any specific concerns. Few replacements will undoubtedly have to be managed such as sick leaves, a situation that will complicate matters even more.

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