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Trump veto defense budget, defying Congress, which could override

Donald Trump shook Washington. Before leaving for Florida, where he is to holiday, the US president presented a defense budget on Wednesday 23 December, accusing China and Russia of making gifts. But Congress, which reached a bipartisan deal for this budget, can ignore it. With our correspondent in New York, Lubna Anaki, the US President has certainly delivered some surprises for Congress at the end of its mandate. If he had warned several times that he could impose his veto, elected officials hoped Donald Trump would not take action. The US President believes that this defense budget does not include important security measures. National “. We also knew that he wanted the text to provide for the abolition of a law protecting the legal status of social networks which he alleges to be against him. Finally, the president is also opposed to the fact that the law provides for the naming of military bases bearing the names of separatist generals, including a budget of more than $ 740 billion to offer salary increases to military personnel. is. It was adopted by both houses of Congress by a large majority that could allow elected officials to override the presidential veto, which would be the first time under Donald Trump’s mandate. It is important to know if his Republican colleagues will have the courage to oppose him and vote on the budget. As is the incentive scheme in the outgoing President’s landmarks. The recovery plan was adopted on Monday, December 21, “which would be in the context of the image, horrifying, as it would leave with a double defeat”, according to Paul Schure, lecturer of American history and civilization at the University of Paris-Diderot. Because even Donald Trump dismissed it as “shame”. But this stimulus plan was linked to the financing of the federal budget. If an agreement is not validated by December 29, the federal government will be in a “shutdown” state, meaning a halt in government activities. (Also for reading and listening: Mexico: Capital takes Mexico City. Front and large-scale testing

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